Tuesday, November 9, 2010


                                                Demetria & Gary Ray (Le Cirque party for Bruce Lynn)

A wonderful Birthday dinner Party took place for publicist Bruce Lynn.  Lots of
fascinating people from the disco age.

Friday, October 01, 2010

A most amazing event happened with the opening of the new film,"The Social Network". This story about the founder of Facebook is stirring up controversy.
It is produced by the most gifted  SCOTT RUDIN.  Mr. Rudin has given us such wonderful movies as "The Stepford Wives", "The Other Boelyn","Julie and Julia", "The Manchurian Candidate".
The after party for 2,000 people was held at the Harvard Club ( that is where Mark Zukerberg, founder of Facebook went to school-Harvard).Thisdinner party with an open bar was unbelievable. On three different floors,
and I went to all of them. This is the best party of the year. But in this mass of people, I had the most serendipity unplanned, and spontaneous opportunity to meet Mr. Rudin and his niece and congratulated him on the movie. Be sure to run and see the movie. He is also making "Cleopatra"

Monday, September 06, 2010

hi everyone, I have been at the beach all summer long.
Hot news: a new musical called JUDY, written by Terry Wade and produced by Gloria Hope Sher Productions will open in Miami mid September. It is the story of JUDY GARLAND. I have been privleged to read the script and it captures all the pathos of her life. It has played in London and
will be a smash hit when it comes to Broadway. It includes scenes with
MICKEY ROONEY whom I met in New York with his wife Jan on their way
to do a duo stage act.
One of my favorite events in New York is the World Scince Festival,
run by Brian Greene and Tracy Day, and this year it honored Dr. Sephen W.
Hawking at a gala reception. He was escorted by his beautiful daughter,
Lucy. It showed the world premiere of "Icarus at the Edge of Time"
an orchestration composed by Philip Glass, and naration by John Lithgow.

The Midtown International Theatre Festival premiered "Civil War Voices",
a wonderful play with American songs written by James R. Hart and produced by
Alma Villegas, Bob Obst/Wildly Productions.. Taken from diaries from the period,and countering the stories of a slave who became Mrs. Lincoln's seamstress,and two other stories. We are approaching the Civil
War Sesquicentennial and this will become a big hit. "Lovers", written
by Christopher Massimine was impressive. This festival is produced by
John Chatterton and Emileena Pedigo.

Thank you to Didi and Oscar Schafer for the wonder NY Philharmonic concerts
we love you.

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