Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The TONY AWARDS TRU party was hosted by Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg in their west village apartment.
The dinner party was terrific as we watched the amazing show and winners, sponsored by the American Theater Wing.  Attending the party were Joe and Sandra Black- the producers of The Scottsboro Boys.
Bob Obst, director of TRU organized the party and the wonderful banquet buffet.
CONGRATULATIONS to all : best play - War Horse; best musical - Book of Mormon. The awards
were hosted by Christine Chenoweth and Sean Hayes.  BONO -composer of the songs for Spiderman
spoke.  Perhaps we will see it win next year.

The fourth annual WORLD SCIENCE FAIR took place in NY again with  JULIE TAYMOR, director
SPIDERMAN, talks!.  She with the composer PHILLIP GLASS spoke on a panel called "Beautiful Minds." Steven Weinberg, Nobel laureate and physicist, spoke about the future of physics in a special address "The Future of Big Science" The founders of the festival are Brian Greene, Professor of Math and
Physics, Columbia University  and  Tracy Day, Executive Director of the festival.  DONT MISS THE NEXT ONE!!!

At the village nightclub,Poisson Rouge, the Alexander Onanssis Foundation sponsored ancient music and the  fragmented lyrics from the Greek poetess SAPHO. "Someone will remember us, I say, even in another time" she said.  Some of her romantic lyrics -  "rosy-fingered moon", three women by moonlight, like goddesses,roses and honey, violets, and Eros, my mind is burned with longing. Songs were sung by Savina Yannatou, and the music was performed by The Constantinople Ensemble.
Try to catch the book "SPANISH ROMANCE" by Apostolor Pappas, Ph.D. A young boy, a dreamer, an immigrant who struggles and succeeds to reach the "American Dream" - a story of innocence, intellect, hardship and love, intertwined with the melody of a song whose lyrics have yet to be found.
Look for 'Antigone" on the lawn in Central Park, July 25.
Catch the next play directed by Stephan Morrow, who just directed 4 short plays by MARIO FRATTI
at the Theater for the New City. And most recently directed "The Shirtwaist Factory Fire".


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