Thursday, August 18, 2011

A brilliant performance by Tyne Daly at the Friedman Theater.  The writer- Terrence McNally has
superbly captured the remarkable story of the opera diva - MARIA CALLAS, in 'MASTER CLASS.
As she instructs a new breed of opera singers, Maria reminisces about her relationship with Aristotle
Onassis. The once again on and off romance is filled with fire and passion- will he marry her? should
she have his baby?  As she recaptures her moments on stage at La Scala, we are forever immersed
in the music of Verdi,and Puccini, While the real voice of Callas is heard on recordings, Ms. Tyne
deliberates her past delivering an amazing, and fascinating  powerful performance!!!BRAVA!!!!!

I went to this performance with  * R A N D Y    B  I  R  N  E  R *   who passed away August  21
RANDY was 22 years old and was passionate about theater; we went to Joe Allens afterwards his
favorite place. He had done surveys for the Theater League. I already miss him.

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