Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Run to see Jane Austen's "PRIDE AND PREJUDICE' at the NY Musical Theater Festival. It
is the musical version of the book.  With music/lyrics and book by Lindsay Warren Baker and Amanda
Jacobs.  It takes you to the late 1700's in England.  Growing up with 7 sisters, Ms. Austen for
sure was an expert on relationships, courtships, and marriages of those times.  What makes
this musical so divine is that the authors have written Ms. Austen into the plot where she adds
and discards characters; she also sings too.  The stageing is magnificent.  In particular I loved
the duet "Had I Been In Love" .  The opening number of "Choices :First Impressions" sets a theme
for the rest of the play. Originally, the book was called "Impressions" A terrific dance scene - "I
Can't Resist a Redcoat" was choreographed by Jeffry Denman. At the Signature Theater, Peter
Norton Space, W 42 St.

At 23 Wall St.  "Loft in the Red Zone"    around the World Trade  center- about the artists that
live in the area and  were affected by 9/11.  The space is enormous.  Lots of art  - Look for work by Peggy Cyphers.  Videos, installations. paintings etc  - this is the last week in NY  -then goes to Moscow.

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