Thursday, December 8, 2011

The world-wide known fashion designer MARY MCFADDEN attended the  magnificent opening
of the art exhibit at the Aristotle Onassis gallery ( 5th ave & 51 st) (Olympic Towers) "Transitions to Christianity - 3-7 century AD".  She told me that she had just flown in from Dakar, capital city of Senegal - which she found fascinating.   She was wearing one of her designs.Her early dress designs were very Greek-inspired with fluted pleated stichings like the karyatids at the Parthenon. The Greek defense minister flew in from Athens just for the event, which was hosted by President of the  Aristotle Onassis Public Benefit foundation, Anthony Papadimitriou, and  Executive Director Ambassador Loucas Tsilas.

NEWT GINGRICH spoke privately to a group of conservatives at the Hyatt Hotel.  In his speech
he said he wanted to deliver paychecks for the people, not welfare checks.  - I was happy
to get his recent book "A Nation Like No  Other: Why Exceptionalism Matters" which he autographed.  And finally I got the chance to tell him in person that I used to watch his history lectures which he gave at the Un. of Virginia which were telecasted on New York Saturday morning television. - He was pleased to hear that!!

Newt Gingrich is shown. | AP Photo


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