Wednesday, April 17, 2013

inner circle

presented "LAST GULP'.  The yearly musical  show
is a hootanany!  and the best show near Broadway.  It is presented by the media participants.  The theme goes like this:
     *****Twelve years ago Mike Bloomberg cam to power
               And took us on one wild-an-crazy ride.
               It's nearly time for him to hit the showers
               We just can't wait to kiss him goodbye!
Melissa Russo (WNBC-TV) Chaired the event.  Larry Sutton produced it, and the brilliant Kathy Beaver was musical and choral director.  And Randy Jones did the art.
In the song  "Always Michael Bloomberg":
      I'd never buy the world a coke,or cookies with trans-fat
     I know I'm right, don't try to fight,You're life's too short for that.
and from "Englishman in New York:
     Political reality, I need a new mayorality
     Maybe take Ray Kelly to Scotland Yard
     Running jolly England won't be hard

gave a fascinating, exhilirating, poignant performance and reading recently at the Meta Center.
If one has any doubt that he can hear and see things we can't, that evening he proved that it can be done.Yes he contacted a dozen people in the room and was able to connect with them, with names, incidents, relationships, past events to deliver messages from the beyond.  UNBELIEVABLE you might think, but the people in the room were astounded with belief.  He brought many to tears as they re-united with messages from  loved ones.  This is NO hockey pokey.
His Mother was there too, and it wasn't till college age when she accepted the fact that he was INDEED,  a medium and clairvoyant.  He is regarded as an internationally psychic sensation  who has conducted hundreds of readings across the country and beyond.  His clients have been corporate as well as celebrities as Jennifer Lopez.  His readings are accurate and very detailed, and provide unequivocal evidence of the connection to the beyond.He does both private and group readings.


MARILYN HOROWITZ for screenwriting, author, writing coach and script consultant
Her book _ 4 Magic Questions of Screenwriting, and  How to Write a Screenplay Using the
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