Thursday, March 13, 2014

ANNETTE BENING, has been nominated for both an Oscar and an Emmy and has won countless
awards in both her film and theater career.  She was in New York  with her new
movie " The Face of Love" also starring Ed Haris.  She is pictured here with
New Yorker actress and singer Louisa Bradshaw, who recently starred as Marilyn Monroe in
Heart's Siren, accompanied on the piano by Gregory Nissen.

******************************************************************THE CURATOR THE CURATOR GALLERY at 520 w 23 st is recently opened by Anne Moore,
past CEO and Chairwoman of Time Inc.  She is currently showing abstract art
from Maine - go take a look at the nail sculpture. GLEN CLOSE, bought one.
At the recent Capital Link's Investing Forum, run by President Nicolas Bornozis,
I learned that there are jobs in Appalachia, New Orleans is refining petrochemicals,
America is producing more natural gas than ever before, and we are refining crude oil
and then exporting it and there are two new tire plants in S.Carolina. - hurray for America

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