Monday, May 18, 2015

     J   O    E        F   R  A   N   K   L   I  N
JOE   FRANKLIN  died this January.  He had been ill.  JOE had originated
the late night TV talk show since the 50's  ( January 8, 1951).  He had
interviewed every major celebrity at least three times each.  He gave
BARBRA STREISAND an interview when she was an "unknown".  His favorite
interview was with MARILYN MONROE.  He also found time to write books
'Up Late With Joe Franklin" At the opening of  his restaurant, TONY CURTIS
came to wish him well.  Going to his office was like visiting a museum called
"Memory Lane", hundreds of records, photos, books.  Many years ago, he
got me on TV to read my poetry, and we always read the newspapers together
He is survived by his son, Bradley, a sister Margaret Kestenbaum
two grandchildren, and a long time companion  Jodi Fritz. 
I will miss him. 

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