Friday, September 11, 2015

At the famous Rockefeller Center in NY, Ellen DeGeneres taped two shows, outdoors above the ice skating rink.  Her first guest was PINK who sang three songs.  JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE was also interviewed then came JIMMY FALLON , and the hit of the evening was the interview with
HILLARY CLINTON, interviewed by a 10-year old child named MACY. 

The evening was lush with warm air and the center provided water bottles for everyone!
They did give us pink wristbands to watch the show.

                                               HILLARY CLINTON with MACY
MACY, is the 10-year old expert on the American Presidency.  She gracefully interviewed
Mrs. Clinton, and in the end, they presented her with a junior sized blue pant suit, just like
the one Mrs. Clinton was wearing.  Does she want to become the President of the United
States?  Yes is the answer. 

                                                              JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE
                                                                     JIMMY FALLON

ELLEN  asks all the right questions and she is a joy to watch her interview.  She also
did some dancing along the way !

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