Friday, November 11, 2016


Wonderful news for all of us.
CHANGE is coming, and isn't that wonderful.
As a New Yorker I will always remember that he fixed the Wollman ice skating  rink
when New York City couldn't.
He can fix anything.
Following is a picture of him at a rally  in Trump Tower.
I was at the Trump rally at the NY Hilton. He humbly  thanked his large family first, and and mentioned Chris Christie, Ben Carson, and Rudy Guiliani. He said he will "bind the wounds" and will be" President  for all the people", and help unify a great country, and "renew the American dream." He will work on infrastructure, veterans, economics.
No challenge will be too great; only the best dreams for the USA. And he will make America great again.

BARBRA STREISAND, at Barclays; The Hubble Cantata at Celebrate Brooklyn,
NY Women in Film luncheon invited by Terry Lawler  in East Hampton.

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