Saturday, January 20, 2018

BRAD PITT  has produced the movie.  THE LOST CITY OF Z,  shown at the
NY FILM FESTIVAL It was chosen as the top 10 films of 2017 by Time Magazine It was
recently shown at the Museum of Modern Art.
Taken from the book by David Grann, this lovely picture takes place in the late
1880's.  Percy Fawcett, a British explorer is sent to Bolivia on a survey mission. He
winds up as an explorer, financed by John D Rockefeller.  He looks for a lost
civilization inspired by the find of pottery.
It is years later that in truth, roads and tunnels were found in the exact location he

The REVEREND JESSE JACKSON  spoke recently at the Red Rooster in Harlem.
He spoke about economic equality  and becoming members of  Board of Directors.
He is hosting an Economic Conference at the midtown Sheraton in February.
At the Theater of the New City... The Girl Who Jumped Off the Hollywood Sign,
written and performed by Joanne Haristone.
In the smoky mist and mud of the recent  "ME TOO' hysteria, the defense of women
abused by men is  the topic of the day.
Her story of a girl, of an actress and singer  who wants to be a star. And when she
auditions for her idol, Jules Styne, is told she is not the best singer, nor the most
beautiful girl in Hollywood
Miss Hartstone brings to light the abuse of Judy Garland who was forced to only
consumme chicken soup and coffee, and given pills for energy.  She died of suicide.
Jean Harlow, forced to bleach her hair every week , died at the age of 26.
Marilyn Monroe who died of drug overdose.

Her journey into Hollywood of the l930"s and the women who lived it is a
good contribution and message for all the "Me Too" victims and abusers. 


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