Tuesday, March 20, 2018

At the Rubin Museum of Art, 150 west 17 st,  a new show: - "The Future is Fluid".
Six floors of  the art of the Himalayas help us wonder about our role in the future and their."Brainwave"series of  talks, and films  will excite your mind and make you think-neuroscientiests, mentalist,astrophysicists, discuss time...  At opening night,the subject was "How Space Warps Time" with NASA astronaut, Tony Antonelli, and Gal Zauberman who did discuss the possibility of child birth in space.
 Coming up , March 28, 7 pm the renowned theoretical physicist and author,   DEEPAK CHOPRA,  and Leonard Miodino will discuss the mind.  and on April 27,  fashion mogul  ISSAC MIZRAHI  and dog cognition researcher Alexandra Horowitz will end the series with   "Can Dogs Sniff Out Time"?  While you are there, write your thoughts,anxieties and hopes  on Rubin's Spiral Wall or
write a letter to a future visitor,  and enjoy the bar and restaurant.

When you get off the subway at Astor Place, take a look at the amazing sculpture of
"Threee Rhinos" There are only 3 left in the entire world, how sad for the world.


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