Friday, March 30, 2018

PHOEBE LEGERE, is the most talented professional on Earth.She sings, plays piano and accordian, writes plays, and sings her  songs , recording 17 albums  She not only played piano at Carnegie Recital Hall, sang with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, received a Pulitzer Prize nomination for an epic poem - called "The Waterclown".  She was invited by DAVID BOWIE to open for him on his 91 National Sound & Vision Tour.

In her  recent project she wrote the book and lyrics,sings   and stars in SPEED QUEEN,
a takeoff of boat racer and lesbian, Jo Carstairs.  In the play she portrays Joe, Tallulah Bankhead, and
Marlene Dietrick, friends of the sailor.and yes there was a boat onstage.  The play was directed by the very talented LISA MOIRA who also directed and co-wrote the talented LOUISA BRADSHORE  in Siren's Heart: Mailyn in Purgatory as well as directing the musical version of Nicholas Nickelby..

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