Monday, April 8, 2019

Musical genius DAVID AMRAM played at "Cornelia in Exile"/Commons in Brooklyn, organized by Robin Hirsch. His band included  his son, Adam. The famous musician and composer gave a wonderful concert at the piano using many different instruments including a double piccolo, a French horn, a Chinese flute and hand drum. He reminisced from the 1950's on  playing tunes once played with JACK KEROUAC, THELONIUS MONK, and WOODIE GUTHRIE, but, it  was his "SCAT" poetry that wooed the audience clapping in time to the music. Maestro Amram also composed Hollywood film scores including "Splendor in the Grass" with NATALIE WOOD,
and is a master of both jazz and classical music and has conducted  many orchestras.He expanded his performance and invited 2 poets to join him on stage with their poems. Run to see him wherever you can, he is the BEST! and not to be missed.

Friday, March 29, 2019

At the famous and beautiful RUSSIAN TEA ROOM, Louis Katsos,EMBA founder  presented  a panel  of real estate executives discussing the biggest question in New York--the AMAZON
deal and why JEFF BEZOS left Long Island City. .  Eric Benaim, CEO /President/Founder of Modern Spaces suggested Amazon would have stayed if MAYOR BLOOMBERG (a seasoned businessman) had done the deal.  AMAZON, AMAZON please come back!!!

Friday, March 8, 2019

St. Pauls chapel, famous because GEORGE WASHINGTON  prayed there and ALEXANDER HAMILTON who is buried there, presented ARTEMISIA, an opera based on the life of 17 century  painter ARTEMISIA GENTILESCHI. It is part of a series at the church, composed by Laura Schwendinger,  libretto by Ginger Strand ,  conducted by Lidiya Yankovskaya, , Music Director of Chicago Opera Theater. Congratulations to all to portray this ONLY woman artist of Italy, filled with rape, torture,blood,, an  eye operation struggle  and success..

Saturday, February 23, 2019

Feb 24 is the last day for JEWELRY show at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Check out the
Crown of the Andes, laden with gold and emeralds, the moonstones of Queen Charlotte's necklace
the ALEXANDER CALDERS necklace. Start at the feet, then waist , then neck ears, nose, and head, work your way up the body and see worldwide gems, diamonds, pearls, and lots of gold from  - Indonesia, India, Japan, Africa, Don't miss the CARL LANGERFELD  (of Channel)  dress with jewels.    Check out the book too with photos of PRINCESS DIANA, and QUEEN ELIZABETH  .ITS A JEWEL OF A SHOW!!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

Run to see Academy Award Nominee BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY starring Academy Award Nominee
RAMI MALEK who plays FREDDY MERCURY of the band QUEEN.  This actor had to take piano lessons, movement lessons,dancing lessons,  singing lessons and dialect lessons to become Freddy, and he does. Then go to YOUTUBE.COM where you can actually see the two of them side by side.  Rami inhabits Freddy, teeth and all.  This movie made me cry.  A brilliant performance for a brilliant entertainer. 
Go to LIVE AID 1985, and you will see Freddy steal the show from all the other major singers.
Freddy's best song is "Bohemian Rhapsody" - so brilliant.  Lyrics beyond the beyond. Part opera,it was sung recently by a choir from Atlanta, in a song competition
Bismillah,((in God's name )Scaramouch and Beelzebub meet Galileo, who by the way invented
a telescope and founded  the planet Mercury. Ironic, isn't it.

Born Farokh Bulsara,, an immigrant to India and London,  and raised in the Zoroastian religion, Freddy generates its philosophy of celebration.
Rami Malek wants to introduce  the millenials and the new generation  to the greatness
of this shy, generous  man and magnificent, transcendental entertainer who died age 46  from Aids in l991 

Friday, November 16, 2018

LADY GAGA and BRADLEY COOPER make a wonderful duet pair in the movie, A Star is Born.  Many of the songs they sing are written by Lady Gaga.  She is already a star, and in this case also has acting ability.  ( But remember MADONNA paved the way for her to become that star).


I was impressed with the art show of  EGON AGOPIAN - THE FABRIC OF SPACE. at the GREEK CONSULATE  on East 79 st. Ms Agopian knows well that her constructions of paint and fabric adds dimensions to one another.  She names one of the works  "Time".  adding one more dimension.
She  is well aware that ALBERT EINSTEIN   said that space is woven together along with time
into "spacetime", the fabric of our universe.  It is continuous, smooth  and gets curved and deformed by the presence of matter and energy. She is aware of the astrophysicists including STEPHEN HAWKIN, and focuses a scientific energy and investigation into her works that captures the essence of  the definition of our universe.

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Only one performance left for  the stage reading of 'NAPOLEON', by  STANLEY KUBRICK 
Yes, that Stanley Kubrick of 2001 fame.   .  Are you a history buff?  Run to see this show.  Are you an opera lover, run to see this show.  Are you a romantic or a war devote, run to see this
magnificent reading starring  and directed by  DAVID SERERO   as Napoleon, at the 1848 built Angel Orensanz Foundation , You will be singing along with him to  "la jour de gloire est arrivee" .
He gives a dynamic, strong, energized vocal performance that reaches across to the Isle
of Elba where even  Napoleon  can hear him and where he  spent his last days
                                      DAVID SERERO  as NAPOLEON

The announcement made no mention of David's operatic vocals as he becomes the hero of
the "lives, the revolution and the career" of General Napoleon.  We survive the anarchy,
and chaos and even the romance of  the leader and his faithful/unfaithful wife, Josephine.
We survive the battle with the British, and and Russians, the War of 1812,  and the fight
against Louis Eighteenth.  You feel you are in the presence of a great leader

David came across this unknown film  script of Mr. Kubrick and decided it would make a marvelous
stage show.  Reducing the number of actors from 48 down to 9,  he succeeds in its historical
narration by Ron Barba and re-enactment, accompanied by Markus Kaitila's [piano.
The whisper is  STEVEN SPIELBERG   will be making "NAPOLEON"   a TV series with HBO
LAST SHOW THURSDAY AUGUST 23,  8 PM  or   1800-838-3006